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A Vacation from Waiting

I was thinking the other day how nice it would be to take a nice little vacation from my health challenges. You know, like a real vacation where you go away to some lovely spot, put reality on hold, sip little drinks with umbrellas and let all of your troubles just drift away. A relaxing […]

The Opportunities of Aging

In conversation with a friend the other day, I mentioned my recent 60th birthday. I was sharing how, when I was younger, I thought sixty was so old, but now that I am sixty it doesn’t seem old at all. As my friend and I talked, we realized that what most of us don’t know […]

Creative and Healing Expression

Dear Friends, Two years ago as I prepared for two separate foot surgeries and the lengthy (at least in my mind VERY lengthy) recoveries, I knew that I would need to keep my mind and my hands occupied as much as possible so that depression would not get the opportunity to slip in. It was […]

Fear Out, Ruby Slippers In

The light goes out, the room is dark and the child imagines monsters under the bed and all sorts of scary things that live in the dark. Flip the light switch on and all the monsters scurry away. Unfortunately, most adult fear doesn’t work like that; the flip of a light switch doesn’t cause the […]

But You Don’t Look Sick

After I spoke to a room full of pharmaceutical sales representatives who sell a lupus drug, I was asked to stay on stage for a question and answer session. I agreed and the audience members wrote their questions on index cards and passed them forward. I honestly don’t remember all of the questions I was […]

Life’s Unexpected Turns

I have always believed that life is an adventure and I am just along for the ride. This philosophy has served me well and kept me open to many opportunities, like the move decades ago that landed me next to a new neighbor who inspired me to take a different career path. This move jettisoned […]

A Life Well Lived

I have attended several funerals lately. At each one I sat with a heavy heart, tears streaming down my face and a wet tissue in my hand and listened as ministers, priests, family members and friends eulogized the person we had all loved. The words were chosen with care and gave an accurate portrayal of […]

The Challenge of Waiting

I’m not the most patient person. I admit and own that aspect of my personality and know that I come by it honestly, as patience is not anyone in my family’s strong suit. We are doers, not waiters. We like to get things done and move on. Being an action oriented doer is a great […]

Look Can Be Deceiving

On a recent afternoon I was walking my dog, Landis, around the block and spotted a neighbor. I do not know this neighbor’s name, only her face and that of the elderly dog she often walks around our neighborhood. This day I stopped and gently inquired if she had lost her beloved pet. The answer […]