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But You Don’t Look Sick

After I spoke to a room full of pharmaceutical sales representatives who sell a lupus drug, I was asked to stay on stage for a question and answer session. I agreed and the audience members wrote their questions on index cards and passed them forward. I honestly don’t remember all of the questions I was […]

Life’s Unexpected Turns

I have always believed that life is an adventure and I am just along for the ride. This philosophy has served me well and kept me open to many opportunities, like the move decades ago that landed me next to a new neighbor who inspired me to take a different career path. This move jettisoned […]

A Life Well Lived

I have attended several funerals lately. At each one I sat with a heavy heart, tears streaming down my face and a wet tissue in my hand and listened as ministers, priests, family members and friends eulogized the person we had all loved. The words were chosen with care and gave an accurate portrayal of […]

The Challenge of Waiting

I’m not the most patient person. I admit and own that aspect of my personality and know that I come by it honestly, as patience is not anyone in my family’s strong suit. We are doers, not waiters. We like to get things done and move on. Being an action oriented doer is a great […]

Look Can Be Deceiving

On a recent afternoon I was walking my dog, Landis, around the block and spotted a neighbor. I do not know this neighbor’s name, only her face and that of the elderly dog she often walks around our neighborhood. This day I stopped and gently inquired if she had lost her beloved pet. The answer […]

The Language of Medicine

I’ve been thinking about the language that is used in medicine, and in particular that doctors are described as practicing medicine in a practice while I’m described a patient. All of this strikes me as a bit amusing. Especially the patient part, because I am far from patient! Patience is just not my strong suit. […]

Embarrassed or Amused?

I adore the show I Love Lucy. Yes, it is old. Yes, it is in black and white. But who cares? The situations Lucy and Ethel find themselves in just make me giggle. I think I love it because I can relate. I, too, have had my share of embarrassing moments and usually find them […]

Letters, Words and Smiles

Busy Brain woke up this morning thinking about the way we arrange letters into words. You know that I long ago stopped trying to corral her thoughts, so I decided I’d just go along for the ride and see where this ends up. It really is an interesting idea. Not being one who paid a […]

Sharing and Caring

The other day, my husband and I were out for our weekend walk when we had the most interesting discussion. Our weekend walks are my favorite time for conversations, because we both leave our cell phones home and walk and talk with nothing to distract us. So, on this particular Saturday morning, we start talking […]