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Chronically Conscientious


I am the first born, high achieving girl in our family. Thus, I came blessed with a double dose of the conscientiousness gene. My brother was lucky enough to get a second helping of the mechanical gene; meaning, don’t ever ask me to fix something. If unplugging it doesn’t solve it, I’m flat out of tricks, call my brother! So, being chronically conscientious, you can imagine my surprise when I looked down at my wrist, at what I assumed was around lunch time, and realized my watch wasn’t there. Rather, it was still sitting comfortably on the dresser in the bedroom where I left it the night before.

watch-1150352_960_720Now, there are many free spirits in the world who say they march to their own drummer and are not confined by time. I’m not one of those. Actually, I was on a business trip to DC with one of those free spirits with many, many congressional meetings scheduled throughout the day. About every five minutes the guy asked me what time it was. Nearing the end of the day and my patience, I looked him dead in the eye and told him to “get a watch!”

No, I am not one of those free spirits who wanders through life unencumbered by a watch. Honestly, if you invite me to do something and I’m late, you might want to call the National Guard to start searching. Actually, if I’m not 10-15 minutes early, you might want to put them on alert!

I digress….back to my bare wrist. As with many of my life experiences, I usually have an ah-ha moment where a new thought or idea drops in and takes hold.. Today’s major lesson was that the time constraints I put on myself lead to stress—oh yes, another chapter from my We Teach What We Most Need to Learn book. All of that rushing to get somewhere early does not always serve me well. I can feel my heart begin to palpate if I’m stuck in traffic and am not going to get somewhere on time. This can’t be good for me! My husband is my opposite in this area and he comes skidding in at the last moment. He’s not late, but certainly never wastes a moment sitting around because he’s too early! And he doesn’t seem stressed about it…unlike me.

My watchless morning was really pretty nice. I exercised until I was tired, worked awhile and then ate lunch when I was hungry; a novel concept, would you agree? I will admit that, after lunch, I retrieved my watch and put it back in its place of comfort on my wrist. One can only take this freedom for so long, but the bit of breathing space was really nice and something that I might add to my life as soon as my chronically conscientious self buys in. Don’t expect me to be going full time watchless any time soon… then I’d never be able to point out to my husband that we might be running late!!

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