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Read Cindy’s Consumer Story for the Department of Defense Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs.

Resiliency and Living with Lupus: Cindy is interviewed by radio host Dr. Linda Hoopes of the Resilience Alliance. Listen Now.

Powerful Patient Radio with Cindy Listen Now.

Living with Lupus and Other Chronic Illnesses: Cindy offers her advice about living with chronic illness in this 2016 interview with Sarah Garfinkel of the Lupus Foundation of America. Listen now.

Pain Pathways Magazine featured Cindy in its spring 2015 print issue and, more recently, its spring 2016 web blog. Get inspired! Read both now: 2015 print and 2016 web.

Lupus Gets Lost in the Crowd,” Cindy guest blogs for the Lupus Foundation of America on the implications of mislabeling lupus as arthritis (it’s not!).

Inspiration Point: Cindy is featured in Pain Pathways Magazine. Spring, 2015. READ.

Wishing Invisible Illness Was Imaginary,” Cindy Guest Blogs for the Lupus Foundation of America. Oct 21, 2014. READ.

Dealing with Holiday Stress,” Cindy featured on Ask the Expert Series. Lupus Foundation of America. Sept, 2014. READ.

I Wonder.” A poem by Cindy in the journal Rheum to Heal: Stories of Health and Humanity at Hospital for Special Surgery. July 31, 2014. READ.

Finding the Energy to Play,” by Cindy. Publisher: Lupus Foundation of America. Feb 18, 2014. READ.

“Charlotte Lupus Summit Features Nationally Known Speaker.” Interview with Cindy by Karen Garloch. The Charlotte Observer. Dec 30, 2013.

Walk this Way” An interview with Cindy by Matt McMillen for Lupus Now Magazine. Dec. 2013. READ.

Lupus and Stress,” Cindy on Ask the Expert Series. Lupus Foundation of America. March 4, 2013. READ.

Grab the Reins: How to Control Your Life with Lupus.” Interview with Cindy by Melanie Padgett Powers. Lupus Now Magazine. Fall 2011, pp 11-14. READ.

15 Questions with Ms. Cindy Coney: Dealing with Stress – Balancing Family, Friends, Activities and Lupus.” Lupus Foundation of America. Nov, 2010. READ.

The Wild Woman’s Guide to Living with Illness by Cindy Coney. Publisher: Mendez Foundation, 1999.

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(A poem by Cindy Coney. First published in Rheum to Heal, 2014.)

I wonder
what it would be like
to wake up in the morning
and first thoughts not turn to pain.

I wonder
what it would be like
to plan a day
without thought given to how I might feel.

I wonder
what it would be like
when asked how I am,
to answer truthfully.

I wonder
what it would be like
to go for a run, to be sore,
not sick the next day.

I wonder
what it would be like
if my family did not have to worry
about what my future might be.

I wonder
what it would be like
if the numbers on speed dial
belonged to friends, not doctors.

I wonder
what it would be like
to open the medicine cabinet
and not see rows of pill bottles.

I wonder
what it would be like
to forget about lupus
just for a day.