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Books that Lift My Spirit


I’ll admit it- I’m addicted to books. They give me joy, provide relaxation and quench my thirst for knowledge; not to mention nourish my soul. Below is a list of a few of the books that line my bookshelves and that I reach for over and over again. I consider this list a work in progress and will continue to add to it as new books find their way into my life.

my read shelf:
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  • Fabu Lupus: How to Be Young, Successful & Fabulous (With Lupus) by Jodie Nimigon-Young and Jessica Kundapur.

    The authors of this book know from personal experience what it is like to be a young person living with lupus AND still live a meaningful and fun life. Their positive attitudes come through the words on the page in this helpful, easy-to-read book.

  • Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach.

    This is a book that sits on my night table. It gives you a thought and a reading for each day of the year. I’m not good at reading something everyday, but often open this book to the date and enjoy the reading for the day.

  • The Art of the Possible by Alexandra Stoddart

    I enjoy all of Alexandra Stoddard’s books. She has a friendly, easy to read style that makes reading her books enjoyable.

  • Kitchen Table Wisdom, Stories that Heal by Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.

    This is a book I love and have almost worn out! I’ve heard the author speak many times and each time she touches a special place in my heart. I’ve given this book to several friends who have been diagnosed with cancer and each time received rave reviews. She also wrote My Grandfather’s Blessing, which is wonderful.

  • A Touch of Wonder by Arthur Gordon

    After teaching a workshop, one of the participants raced up to me and said I had to read this book. She was right! I bought it when I got home and found it to be delightful. Full of short stories that warm your heart and really make you think. There’s a great quote in this book: “Life deals the cards: the way you play them is up to you.”

  • Living Life on Purpose by Greg Anderson

    A great little book that talks about vision, service, passion and mission. I love little, easy to read books with powerful messages about what is important in life. I feel that life is short and sometimes we drift without purpose. I believe when our lives have purpose, we are much more fulfilled.

  • Tuesdays with Morrie, an old man, a young man, and life’s greatest lesson by Mitch Albom

    Although the author has now written several books, this is still my favorite. It was actually recommended to me years ago by a very dear friend, Kathy Miller. I stayed up all night reading it and to this day, it is one of my favorite books. On a personal note, my friend, Kathy passed away in 1998. I still miss her laughter and book recommendations. I tear up when I walk into a bookstore, or shop online and have to choose a book for myself.

  • People Who Live at the End of Dirt Roads by Lee Pitts

    This wonderful little book is about a good ol’ boy that believes all of societies problems could be solved if we just had more dirt roads. There is a part of me aching to believe that!

  • Hannah’s Gift – Lessons from a Life Fully Lived by Maria Housden

    This is my favorite book of all time. It is the story of a three year old who is struggling with cancer. Although sad, this book is truly about he remarkable spirit of a three year old and her joyful approach to life. I continue to return to this book over and over again.

  • Return to Wonder-Recapture a Childlike Fascination with Daily Life by Arthur Gordon

    This book is about finding joy (wonder) in the little things in life. It encourages you to reach back and recall the treasured moments in your own life. I know that I like nothing more than sitting around our kitchen table and sharing stories with my family.

  • End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe

    I recently read this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is the story of a son and his mother as she undergoes and eventually succumbs to cancer. They form a book club between the two of them and I loved hearing about the books they read and how their relationship blossomed during the book discussions.



I LOVE dogs and so, I also read lots and lots of stories about dogs. Oprah has a list of dog books on her website. I will admit I have cried on a plane from California to Tampa when reading some of these books (if only dogs could live as long as we do) I still smile more than cry and love most of the books! Find a topic that you love and read about it. It will bring a smile to your face.

~ Cindy