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Building Personal Resiliency

Recognizing the stress that healthcare professionals are under, yet knowing firsthand the difference one caring doctor, nurse, or medical staff member can make in a patient’s life, Cindy helps healthcare professionals build their personal resiliency while simultaneously offering them simple ways to enhance patients’ lives.

Healthcare today is challenging at best. Increased demands combined with decreased resources can deplete the individuals at the heart of the system: the doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who come in contact with patients every day.

Cindy’s Experience

Cindy has presented at the American College of Rheumatology Conference, the World Lupus Congress and was recently the keynote speaker for the Rheumatology Nurses Society Annual Conference. She has even testified before the FDA Advisory Panel to help get a new drug for lupus approved. Her incredible personal resiliency in the face of chronic illness, combined with her deep appreciation of her healthcare “village,” makes Cindy a unique and inspiring presenter.

Cindy’s Passion and Spirit

Diagnosed with lupus in 1980, Cindy has knocked on death’s door several times. In each instance the care and dedication she received from her healthcare team touched her heart. She is extremely grateful and passionate about helping healthcare professionals prevent burnout and focus on their personal resiliency, so that they are able to give of themselves without giving themselves away. Believing that people must first take care of themselves before they are able to take care of others, nowhere is this more important than in healthcare. Cindy’s spirit is contagious. Her knowledge of stress, burnout and resiliency is unparalleled and, on top of that, she’s humorous and down to earth. She is the breath of fresh air that healthcare professionals are looking for today!

Discover all that Cindy offers. Read on to learn about her services for healthcare professionals including keynote addresses and public speaking, conference workshops and retreats.

Conference Workshops

Cindy ConeyIn addition to keynote addresses, Cindy is often asked to present workshops for participants. Her topics are varied, including stress management, creating balance in your life, building resiliency and understanding the patient perspective. Below is a sample workshop presentation.

Maximizing Life—Minimizing Stress

Maximizing Life-Minimizing Stress is a fun, interactive presentation designed to get you to focus on the ways that you deal with stress-both positively and negatively. Sometimes we go through our day believing that life is an emergency and by the end of the day we are completely exhausted and overwhelmed. Sound familiar??? Then let’s explore ways that you can decrease the demands being placed on you and increase the resources that you have available to you to deal with stress. After all, isn’t that what life is really all about; feeling happy, healthy and stress-free?


Cindy loves leading retreats to allow participants time to step away from the demands of daily life and fully immerse themselves in learning ways to build resiliency and live life fully despite challenge. Below is a description of her two-day retreat, which can be tailored to longer or shorter lengths of time. She is also able to present this workshop as a portion of another retreat.

Live Beyond Limits

In a relaxed atmosphere, Cindy will guide participants through exercises, experiences and group discussions designed to build personal resiliency. The supportive environment will allow healthcare participants the time they need to explore many of the following topics:

• Characteristics of resilient people
• An individual definition of support and ways that it is most helpful to receive it from others
• Setting realistic expectations and boundaries
• The difference in empathy and sympathy
• Exploring creative outlets for healing
• The power of helping others and volunteerism
• Communicating effectively with family, friends, coworkers, doctors and others
• Handling guilt
• Accessing courage when you would like to run and hide
• Keeping hope alive
• The need for understanding

Magazine Articles and Publications

Cindy has written numerous articles and several professional publications. Her conversational writing style and sense of humor is appealing to those struggling to overcome challenge. She is a terrific person to host a column in a newsletter or magazine, or to write an entire article for publication. Both her interests and knowledge are diverse, so feel free to contact Cindy about ideas you might have for working together. Learn more.

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