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Ambassador of Hope and Resiliency
Speaker | Consultant | Patient Advocate


The author of The Wild Woman’s Guide to Living with Illness, Cindy has written numerous articles for professional publications and magazines. Her conversational writing style and sense of humor is appealing to those struggling to overcome challenge. She is a terrific person to host a column in a newsletter or magazine, or to write an entire article for publication. Both her interests and knowledge are diverse, so feel free to contact Cindy about ideas you might have for working together.


A Sampling of Cindy’s Recent Publications:

Intellectual Property for Nonprofit Organizations.”  Cindy Coney, M.Ed. Healthcare Georgia Foundation, Publication #56, November 2011

Earned Income: A Critical Resource for Sustainable Nonprofit Health Organizations.” Cindy Coney, M.Ed. Healthcare Georgia Foundation, Publication #52, April 2011. Print.

15 Questions with Ms. Cindy Coney: Dealing with Stress – Balancing Family, Friends, Activities and Lupus.” Coney, Cindy, M.Ed.  Lupus Foundation of America. N.p., Nov. 2010. Web.

“A Gift of Presence.” Coney, Cindy, M.Ed. Scleroderma Voice, June 2007: pg 11. Reprint.