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Cindy’s Background

Cindy’s career has always revolved around human resiliency. As the Executive Director of a nationally recognized nonprofit, she led the development of a federally recognized prevention curriculum which continues to impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of students. Building on this success, Cindy now works with nonprofits nationwide to assist them in becoming more sustainable through earned revenue, board development and capacity building.

Bridging the Gap between Board and Staff

Cindy’s skill set in the nonprofit world is unique. Often, in the nonprofit arena, there is a lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities; especially between staff and board. Cindy has been on both sides of this aisle; serving as Executive Director of a successful nonprofit in Tampa, Florida and Board Chair of a large health-based nonprofit based in Washington, DC. This unique blend of experience enables her to work with nonprofit staffs as well as their boards; she’s an expert at bridging any gap that may occur and getting everyone moving toward the vision of the organization.

Work with Nonprofits Organizations and Foundations

Her depth of experience in nonprofit consulting is unparalleled. Cindy has not only assisted individual nonprofit organizations across the country, but has been retained by large national health foundations to work with their grantees. She had the pleasure of working with Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky Social Innovation Fund grantees to assist them in sustaining their programs beyond the funding cycle. She has also worked with Healthcare Georgia Foundation grantees to develop earned income strategies and sustainability plans, and is the author of two grantee publications: Earned Income: A Critical Resource for Sustainable Nonprofit Organizations and Intellectual Property for Nonprofit Organizations.

“Cindy has a unique market niche, with national success in both leading nonprofit organizations and bringing in earned income revenues. She brings extraordinary credibility in thoughtful, practical and relevant perspectives that engage organizations in reaching their fullest potential. Her understanding of nonprofit organizations allows her to bring in clear strategies to inspire new ideas, taking organizations to the next level.”

Laura Torrell Knutson, Community Education Director
Comprehensive Health Education Foundation
Seattle, Washington