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Services for Patients

Discover all that Cindy offers. Learn about her services for patients including conference workshops, retreats, Hope Coaching, writing services and keynote and public speaking.

Helping Others

Diagnosed with lupus over 30 years ago and committed to living the best life possible, Cindy is full of hope, inspiration and an unsinkable spirit that she loves using to help others affected by life challenging illness live better lives.

Always looking for ways to help those affected by illness, in 1999 Cindy published the journal The Wild Woman’s Guide to Living with Illness and two cds. She is also a frequent guest expert to health organizations nationwide; providing webinars, articles and answers to difficult patient questions.

If you would like to work with Cindy, you are going to have to move pretty fast! Since her diagnosis, she has driven a racecar 124 miles per hour, flown in a hot air balloon, jumped from a moving train in Morocco and completed the Chicago Marathon.

Conference Workshops

Cindy is often asked to present conference workshops. Below are samples of popular workshops she presents to patients, parents of teens and children, those suffering through infertility and all overwhelmed by life’s challenges.

Cindy Coney

Maximizing Life—Minimizing Stress

Maximizing Life-Minimizing Stress is a fun, interactive presentation designed to get you to focus on the ways that you deal with stress-both positively and negatively. Sometimes we go through our day believing that life is an emergency and by the end of the day we are completely exhausted and overwhelmed. Sound familiar??? Then let’s explore ways that you can decrease the demands being placed on you and increase the resources that you have available to you to deal with stress. After all, isn’t that what life is really all about; feeling happy, healthy and stress-free?

Live Beyond Limits for Parents

Living with a child or teen you love who has a chronic illness can be challenging. The need for creating “normalcy” in the family, while simultaneously dealing with physical and emotional needs, requires a skill set not normally taught in school. Learning to balance your child’s need for independence with his or her need for care; communicating honestly and effectively in loving ways (even when you are stressed and tired); and, above all, finding ways to continue to enjoy life and keep hope alive, may have you tossing and turning in your bed at night.   Cindy Coney combines degrees in education with her own experience of living with a chronic illness to illuminate a path to living with, living well, and living beyond the limits of one of life’s biggest challenges.

Live Beyond Limits for Spouses, Partners & Significant Others

Living with a person who has a chronic illness can present challenges in the relationship. Being unable to “fix” your loved one’s illness or make it go away may leave you feeling powerless and angry. Knowing what to say, what to do, and how to show you care may feel like it requires a crystal ball. To top it off, we all give and receive love in different ways; leaving you guessing as how best to show love, hope and support. All of this is normal. Cindy Coney and her husband have lived with her diagnosis of lupus for over 30 years. They have “been there, done that.” Cindy shares what works, what doesn’t, and ways to build resiliency and give healthy support and hope to both you and the person you love.

Living Beyond the Limits of Infertility

“I wake in the middle of the night crying from the pain and longing to have a baby; an ache that plain and simply will not go away. My strength, courage and fortitude seem to be dwindling month by agonizing month” ~ journal entry, Cindy Coney, 1982

That was thirty-one years ago; last Sunday, we celebrated our oldest daughter’s 30th birthday. In the darkest hours, my husband and I refused to give up hope. We believed with all of our heart and soul that we were meant to have children. That belief, that hope and the support of friends and family, built our resiliency and gave us the strength to get back up and carry on many, many times, when quitting might have been easier.

In this workshop, I will share our story of infertility and adoption and ways you can build your personal resiliency and keep hope alive even during this challenging time.

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Cindy loves leading retreats to allow participants time to step away from the demands of daily life and fully immerse themselves in learning ways to build resiliency and live life fully despite challenge. Below is a description of her two-day retreat, which can be tailored to longer or shorter lengths of time. She is also able to present this workshop as a portion of another retreat.

Live Beyond Limits

In a relaxed atmosphere, Cindy will guide participants through exercises, experiences and group discussions designed to build personal resiliency. The supportive environment will allow healthcare participants the time they need to explore many of the following topics:

• Characteristics of resilient people
• An individual definition of support and ways that it is most helpful to receive it from others
• Setting realistic expectations and boundaries
• The difference in empathy and sympathy
• Exploring creative outlets for healing
• The power of helping others and volunteerism
• Communicating effectively with family, friends, coworkers, doctors and others
• Handling guilt
• Accessing courage when you would like to run and hide
• Keeping hope alive
• The need for understanding

Hope Coaching for Patients

Keeping hope alive and moving forward each day, despite the challenges of living with chronic illness can be difficult. It is often a lonely journey, because only someone who lives day in and day out with a life challenging illness can truly understand. Cindy Coney knows, because she has lived for over 30 years with the autoimmune disease lupus.

Although her life has not been easy, she has managed to remain optimist and fully engaged in living life fully. Cindy is a teacher and delights in helping others uncover ways to find purpose, meaning and joy in life, despite illness. Her one on one sessions are filled with whit, wisdom, laughter and a deep commitment to guide others through life’s challenges with hope and courage.

Writing Services

The author of The Wild Woman’s Guide to Living with Illness, Cindy has written numerous articles for professional publications and magazines. Her conversational writing style and sense of humor is appealing to those struggling to overcome challenge. She is a terrific person to host a column in a newsletter or magazine, or to write an entire article for publication. Learn more.