Live Beyond LimitsTM
Ambassador of Hope and Resiliency
Speaker | Consultant | Patient Advocate


A nationally acclaimed speaker, trainer, human resilience expert, and philanthropic force, Cindy Coney is dedicated to helping both children and adults achieve optimal health and success. With the unique ability to make each individual among hundreds feel as though she is speaking directly to them, Cindy’s message of resilience resonates with audiences of all disciplines, ages and backgrounds. Cindy has taught thousands of people to move beyond coping with limitations to recapturing joy and fulfillment in their lives.

In traveling the globe to share her story of thriving after her own chronic diagnosis of lupus, Cindy has spoken in front of thousands of people and has been a featured keynote for groups such as the Scleroderma Foundation, Spina Bifida Association, and Lupus Foundation of America. Cindy’s deep and varied experience with chronic illness, non-profits, and leadership provides her the ability to explore a wide variety of topics and challenges with warmth and humor.

Cindy’s Keynote Talks include include:

Keynote for Patients: Unsinkable Spirit: The Power of Human Resiliency
Keynote for Healthcare Professionals: Beyond the Chart: Partners in Healing