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Keynotes for Healthcare Professionals

cindy2Cindy is a nationally recognized speaker who customizes every speech and presentation to the audience’s needs. She delights in presenting to doctors, nurses and medical staff who touch patient’s lives.

Building Personal Resiliency

Healthcare today is challenging at best. Increased demands combined with decreased resources can deplete the individuals at the heart of the system: the doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who come in contact with patients every day. Recognizing the stress that healthcare professionals are under, yet knowing firsthand the difference one caring doctor, nurse, or medical staff member can make in a patient’s life, Cindy helps healthcare professionals build their personal resiliency while simultaneously offering them simple ways to enhance patients’ lives.

Cindy’s Experience

Cindy has presented at the American College of Rheumatology Conference, the World Lupus Congress, and was recently the keynote speaker for the Rheumatology Nurses Society Annual Conference. She has even testified before the FDA Advisory Panel to help get a new drug for lupus approved. Her incredible personal resiliency in the face of chronic illness, combined with her deep appreciation of her healthcare “village,” makes Cindy a unique and inspiring presenter.

Keynote for Healthcare Professionals – Beyond the Chart: Partners in Healing

For over 30 years, Cindy Coney has been sitting on the crinkly white paper on the other side of her medical chart. Since being diagnosed with lupus in 1980, hundreds of healthcare professionals have peered over the edge of that chart to witness a human being striving to live the best life possible with chronic illness.

With her deep understanding of the power of human resiliency, Cindy has assisted thousands in moving beyond surviving to thriving. She knows that she and her healthcare team share a common goal: healing. That team, which she affectionately refers to as her “village,” has supported her in life threatening medical emergencies and in day-to-day living. She genuinely appreciates the stress her “village” is under and aims to enrich the lives of both patients and those who treat and care for them.

Through heartwarming stories of care and compassion, Cindy helps healthcare professionals reconnect and stay connected to their own personal  ”magical medical moments,” and personal resiliency, while simultaneously helping patients engage their unsinkable spirits. Even when a cure isn’t possible, patient engagement and satisfaction enhances medical outcomes and creates partners in healing.

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Keynote address at the Rheumatology Nurses Society Annual Conference in Nashville, TN: