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Cindy’s a patient too

A lupus patient receives a hug from Cindy following her speech.

A lupus patient receives a hug from Cindy following her speech.

Diagnosed with lupus over 30 years ago and committed to living the best life possible, Cindy is full of hope, inspiration and an unsinkable spirit that she loves using to help others affected by life challenging illness live better lives.

Despite the fact that Cindy has knocked on death’s door several times, she does not see her story as a sad one. The one she chose to write following the diagnosis is one of hope and resiliency. She absolutely refuses to allow lupus to be the focus of her life. Although claiming to be “genetically optimistic,” she knows that others can also live fulfilling and happy lives in spite of illness and her goal is to help them do just that!

Her Speeches

Cindy frequently shares her story in keynote addresses at health related conferences nationwide. Patients, family members and friends in the audience love her because she can relate. She knows firsthand that living with a serious or chronic illness is stressful for both the person affected by the disease and those who love and care for them. Her speeches are full of hope; yet being a lifelong educator, they are also filled with specific ways to build personal resiliency and live better with illness. Cindy’s speeches are always customized specifically to her audience.

Unsinkable Spirit: The Power of Human Resiliency

Unsinkable logo wideUnsinkable Spirit: The Power of Human Resiliency is a keynote for patients with chronic illness and those who love and care for them. This is one of Cindy’s most requested topics.

Receiving a diagnosis of a life challenging illness can be devastating to both patients and their families. Cindy Coney and her family know this only too well, since she was diagnosed with lupus more than three decades ago. Yet she refuses to let this cruel and mysterious disease take over her life. She likes to say it affects her, but does not define her!

Drawing on Cindy’s personal zest for living and expertise in resiliency, this uplifting keynote address focuses on finding and strengthening the unsinkable spirit which lies within each of us.  Cindy teaches you how to make the successful transition from a healthy “old life” to a fulfilling  “new normal.” Through stories of acceptance and optimism, Cindy leads the audience on a journey of hope that will be remembered and used, well beyond the conference room doors.

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