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The Smell of Rain

ladybug in the rain

Image by Denis Doukhan from Pixabay

I love the smell of rain. It has a distinct smell—clean and crisp and unlike anything else. On my walk recently, I got a whiff of the smell of rain as dark clouds loomed in the distance. Now, mind you, I was out walking without an umbrella or raincoat, so dark and looming clouds hold some significance here. Not being a great judge of distance (or age, for that matter), I misjudged just how far off the approaching storm was and walked right into the rain shower as I made my way toward home. The good news is that it was 90 degrees when I meandered into the rain and there was no lightning. All good! In that moment, I decided to simply enjoy the cool shower from above. I was close to home and could change my soaking clothes shortly.

What struck me was the power of my perspective. I could choose (and we almost always have a choice) to dread getting wet and think of all the negative consequences it might hold, or I could walk on and enjoy the rain. I chose the latter. And you know what? It was actually pretty nice! The rain cooled my sweating body, the brown grass and flowers I passed were perking up, and the air went from hot and muggy to cool. It wasn’t a hard rain, so it was more like being under one of those fancy showerheads that imitates a rain shower. I allowed myself to, literally and figuratively, soak in the moment, stop fretting about getting wet, and smile. Yep, I was the woman on the sidewalk you might have passed walking in the rain with the big smile on her face. (No worries there; I’ve been thought of as a bit crazy in the past, so long ago stopped worrying about what others think!)

But back to my perspective and my power to choose. I’ve decided I’m going to employ this now-remembered trick in some other areas of my life. When I take my medicine in the morning, instead of thinking of all the negative side effects, I’m going to focus on the healing benefits it is delivering to my body. When I feel overwhelmed with medical decisions, I’m going to stop and refocus a minute and think about how lucky I am to have all of these choices. Now, no guarantees I won’t slip back (I am human after all) and occasionally notice that perhaps I’m soaking wet, but I figure it is worth a try.

So, in looking back on my walk today, I can honestly say I was reminded of a great deal simply by being caught in a rainstorm unawares. First and foremost, I do love the smell of rain! I also now remember that clothes dry, my perspective can change a negative experience to a positive one, and that my neighbors might consider me crazy—but hey, that’s half the fun of living!


  1. This is just excellent. I do love the idea of walking in the rain. I was the kid that liked to play in puddles in the street. So a soft rain would be nice and one I will hopefully someday be able to enjoy.

    Thanks for sharing your blog.

    • Diane, It was enjoyable and I highly recommend it! Thanks for your kind comments. Hugs, Cindy

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