Live Beyond LimitsTM
Ambassador of Hope and Resiliency
Speaker | Consultant | Patient Advocate


Robert J. Riggs, Chief Executive Officer—Scleroderma Foundation, Inc.

Once again, Cindy knocked it out of the park! With warmth and humor, her message hits a bulls-eye for everyone, regardless of one’s life circumstances. She is truly inspiring!


Scleroderma Foundation

Conference Attendee, Cincinnati, OH

Dear Cindy – I was at the Lupus conference today in Cincinnati. You probably hear this all the time, but your speech was amazing.  I have been diagnosed for about 3 years now, and I am for the first time feeling hope. From the minute you got up today and started speaking, it was like you knew what I needed to hear. I can not explain to you what you have done for me. You have helped me believe once again that life is what I make it. If I want to be happy, its up to me. I have the abilities. The diagnosis felt like a death sentence but I have so much more to live for.  I loved you caterpillar/ butterfly analogy. It is also nice to hear that its alright to to have bad days, everyone does. Just don’t let them define you. Thanks again! You are a blessing. Never give up

Christine John-Fuller, President & CEO – Lupus Foundation of America, NC Chapter

“I’ve been lucky enough on several occasions to be a first hand witness to Cindy’s engagement with an audience. Regardless of whether we’ve had her speaking to a room full of professionals from the health care community or to an audience of individuals impacted by a chronic illness, Cindy is nothing short of captivating. I like to refer to her as an ‘Ambassador of Hope,’ always delivering a refreshingly honest, touching, and impactful message.”

Sara Struwe, COO – Spina Bifida Association

What can I say about Cindy Coney other than she is a treasure? Her unique, always positive, outlook on life is contagious. Whether speaking to a small group or a large crowd, she can move people to raucous laughter or heartfelt tears-and all in a single sentence! Give her five minutes, and she can change your heart, your vision, and your life.”


Kerri Connolly, Director of Programs & Services – National Office Scleroderma Foundation

I met Cindy in 2008 during the National Scleroderma Patient Education Conference; her instant ability to connect with our patients was glaring over the course of the weekend. With her amazing skills, enthusiasm, passion, and humor she was invited to provide the Keynote presentation at our conference the following year. The feedback was overwhelming from her talk that she was “a must have” and invited back the following year as well.  Cindy is an extremely talented and gifted professional, we thank her for always sharing her professionalism, talent, and motivating skills with the scleroderma community!


AnnMarie and Penelope S., New York City

We are two of your BIGGEST fans in New York! My daughter and I met you at the Lupus conference in New York City and you inspired and touched her (& me, of course) like no one else has! From one mom to another, you know how much it means to see someone give your child the gift of HOPE. I cannot thank you enough for being who you are…an AMAZING woman!!