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Sara Struwe, COO – Spina Bifida Association

What can I say about Cindy Coney other than she is a treasure? Her unique, always positive, outlook on life is contagious. Whether speaking to a small group or a large crowd, she can move people to raucous laughter or heartfelt tears-and all in a single sentence! Give her five minutes, and she can change your heart, your vision, and your life.”


Christine John-Fuller, President & CEO – Lupus Foundation of America, NC Chapter

“I’ve been lucky enough on several occasions to be a first hand witness to Cindy’s engagement with an audience. Regardless of whether we’ve had her speaking to a room full of professionals from the health care community or to an audience of individuals impacted by a chronic illness, Cindy is nothing short of captivating. I like to refer to her as an ‘Ambassador of Hope,’ always delivering a refreshingly honest, touching, and impactful message.”

Conference Attendee, Cincinnati, OH

Dear Cindy – I was at the Lupus conference today in Cincinnati. You probably hear this all the time, but your speech was amazing.  I have been diagnosed for about 3 years now, and I am for the first time feeling hope. From the minute you got up today and started speaking, it was like you knew what I needed to hear. I can not explain to you what you have done for me. You have helped me believe once again that life is what I make it. If I want to be happy, its up to me. I have the abilities. The diagnosis felt like a death sentence but I have so much more to live for.  I loved you caterpillar/ butterfly analogy. It is also nice to hear that its alright to to have bad days, everyone does. Just don’t let them define you. Thanks again! You are a blessing. Never give up

Robert J. Riggs, Chief Executive Officer—Scleroderma Foundation, Inc.

Once again, Cindy knocked it out of the park! With warmth and humor, her message hits a bulls-eye for everyone, regardless of one’s life circumstances. She is truly inspiring!


Scleroderma Foundation