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Cindy (left) with Maria Myler,
Lupus Foundation of America,
GA Chapter President & CEO

Welcome to Live Beyond Limits™.

In early October I was privileged to be a keynote speaker at the 7th Annual Georgia Lupus Summit in Atlanta on the topic "Unsinkable Spirit: The Power of Human Resiliency." Having lived with lupus for over 30 years, I am passionate about sharing what I have learned to help others who struggle with serious health and life challenges make the successful transition from a healthy "old life" to a fulfilling "new normal." I invite you to join me on this journey!

Please connect with me through Facebook or Twitter and visit my blog or website, so that I may continue to support you and those who love you in finding happiness despite our illness.

"Happiness is mostly a by-product of doing what makes us fulfilled." 
~ Dr. Benjamin Spock
Living withLupus
Walking around my neighborhood every day, I pass by a car with a license plate that reads IOKRU. For a long time, I walked past and didn't give the plate a second thought, thinking it was just a random series of letters. Then, one day I walked by and it hit me: I OK R U. Translation: I'm okay, are you?

It may seem a simple question, but for someone like me who is living with chronic illness, especially an autoimmune disease like lupus which can be as unpredictable as the weather, are you okay can be a difficult question to answer.  This is what puzzles me: Am I really okay when I feel good after taking a handful of prescribed medications?

More than about anything else in the world, I want to be okay. Okay feels to me like a step down from great and one that I would happily settle for. I want to be okay enough to enjoy my life, to live a life that is fulfilling and meaningful. I want to be okay enough not to worry about my health every day. I want to be okay enough to be a good wife and mother. I want to be okay enough to be a good friend and to help those in need.

Living with lupus has taught me that, most of the time, okay is just fine. I've decided - and I don't know if it is from advancing age or living with lupus - that perfection is way overrated. When I die and knock on the big door upstairs, I'm just guessing that whoever invites me in isn't going to be asking if my house was always perfectly clean, or if I picked up the dry cleaning on time every week. Nope, I'm just guessing (and hoping) that there is room for error in this life I'm living. That I can be a bit kinder and gentler with my expectations for myself. That I can happily settle for okay or good enough, and use the energy that I do have every day to accomplish the things that are meaningful and important.

The more I think about the license plate, I think it's time for a new one of my own. What will it say? OKisGR8.
What Cindy's Reading Now

I love to both read and listen to books. Here's what is playing in my ears and what is sitting on my bedside table:

In my ears: I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban by Malala Yousafzai. I was drawn into this story, not only for the education it provided me on life and hardship in Pakistan, but also for Malala's unsinkable and somewhat rebellious spirit. Malala represents everything we read about resiliency. She is courageous, brave, passionate, determined and witty. Even with devastating head injuries from a gunshot wound, her spirit shines through. Malala is truly someone who Lives Beyond Limits™ of extremely challenging situations.

On my bedside table:Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm and Confidence by Rick Hanson, PhD. I must admit, I'm fascinated by the brain and happiness. This book is a combination of neuroscience and practical advice, meaning I got my little "brain fix" while also learning some practical tips to enhance happiness. My biggest takeaway was the chapter titled "Take Notice," where Hanson describes the importance of staying with a pleasant experience by keeping your attention on it for ten, twenty or more seconds in a row. Seems like a good idea to me; otherwise those moments of happiness may slip by unnoticed!
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Nationally recognized keynote speaker and resiliency educator Cindy Coney has assisted thousands in moving beyond "coping" with limitations to recapturing joy, balance and freedom through her speeches and pioneering educational training for patients and healthcare professionals. Diagnosed with lupus in 1980, Cindy has traveled the globe to share her story of thriving after a chronic diagnosis. Read more.

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