Happy September from my (new) home to yours!
Hi Friends,

The dust is settling (literally, thanks to renovations) in our new home and a smile has replaced the stressed look I had during the move. I am not fully unpacked, but the boxes seem less bothersome the longer I step over them!

I believe that change can be a good thing; a new adventure to be embraced. I'm loving the thought of the years ahead in our new home. I hope you have something in your life that makes you smile with anticipation. If not, start looking. Life it too short to be boring!

Hugs, Cindy 
featured article |Making Room for New Adventures      
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." ~Helen Keller
I consider myself a fortunate individual. Yes, I have lupus and, yes, it can be challenging to live with, but no life is without its challenges and so I try to take mine in stride. If I view my life as a pie chart, I most often see lupus as one small slice of the pie surrounded by larger slices of family, friends, career, volunteer activities, hobbies and other things precious to me. This is me at my best. But what about those times when the lupus slice clearly thinks it should be large and in charge?

My husband and I have recently moved to a new home. The process of moving proved to be a BIG (although temporary) slice of my life pie; it consumed hours and hours and more hours of our time and our energy. It involved prioritizing, right-sizing expectations and, on some days, an attitude overhaul. Come to think of it, the experience of moving parallels the patient experience of living with chronic illness. Perhaps you're trying to accomplish too much or putting your self-care last on the list (prioritizing)? Or you have set expectations and often use "should" in your self-talk, as in "I should be able to clean the house today" or "I should be up to attending the office party tonight" (right-sizing expectations). >>continue reading

books |What Cindy's Reading
I only read two books this month, because the first one was nearly 500 pages and because most of my time was spent packing boxes! Here are the two very different books I read:
Hope and Other Luxuries
by Clare B. Dunkle

This recently published book was recommended in the newspaper and discussed on NPR. It is a mother's story of her daughter's anorexia. I often read books about other illnesses and conditions because I'm interested in how people overcome challenges. I loved one of the author's ways of coping: Educate, Plan, Execute.

Although I learned a great deal from the book, I must say it was one of the most difficult books I've ever read; both because I'm a mother and could relate to feeling a child's pain and because anorexia is so challenging to treat and to understand. I was once again reminded of the incredible resiliency of the human spirit as this family struggled to overcome all of the obstacles it faced. The author's daughter, Elena Dunkle, also chronicles her journey first-hand in the book Elena Vanishing: A Memoir.

The Flying Circus
by Susan Crandall

I loved this new historical fiction set in the 1920s and thoroughly enjoyed the complexity of the friendship of three misfits and their wonderful adventures. An underlying mystery made me regret ever having to put the book down. I was sorry when this heartwarming tale came to an end, and still smile when I think about the book and its likable cast of characters.

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